What I watch on TV


This a blog post about TV.

Its been a couple of years since I really did any proper TV watching, apart from Saturday nights watching X Factor with my wife. I recently bought a 23″ TV for my bedroom with a built in DVD player. After Christmas I’d like to get a couple of box sets, like Game of Thrones, a TV series I heard was highly regarded but which I missed when it was on air.

The programme I most regularly watch is BBC Breakfast. I usually watch it on a Wednesday or Saturday when I’m off work. I think its a cool programme, and I think the atmosphere of the programme is really warm and friendly. In a strange way, even though you’re sitting there in your pyjamas with a cup of tea and a cigarette hanging out of your mouth, entirely unready for the world, the programme seems to make you feel relaxed and comfortable. It a great way to start the day, and has all the elements to fortify you after you have just woken up.

Apart from BBC Breakfast the two channels I watch all the time are Food Network and Travel Channel. I’m addicted to Food Network. A lot of the programmes on it are from the US, which has a certain sort of cuisine involving trans fats, but it still makes for tasty television. I like Man Vs. Food, although I do worry about the cholesterol levels of the presenter, given that he has wolfed down massive greasy meals for years now. Another cool programme on Food network is Nadia G’s Bitchin’ Kitchen. Nadia G is from the Bronx and has a cool accent. Its a very funny cooking programme, with skits and sketches from various of her comedy character cohorts, all of which involve interesting information about food. Travel Channel is fun to watch because it makes your TV a windows to different cultures and climates. I like seeing pictures of idyllic Pacific beach islands when I’m lying in bed with a hot water bottle in a damp wintry Birmingham.

I tend to skip Jeremy Kyle on a Wednesday morning, although I do like This Morning. I watch This Morning if I don’t need to go out or have any errands to do. I don’t think I’m in the audience demographic, which is probably stay-at-home mums, but its still an enjoyable enough show to watch.

Once in a while you come across a gem on the weird channels nobody watches. One gem I discovered was Dog The Bounty Hunter, about a Hawaiian bounty hunter who finds people who have jumped bail and takes them back to prison. Dog is a very big man and he looks like he could throw a hefty punch. He is ably assisted by his tough looking brother and son, and his buxom wife. Whilst he might have been in trouble as a young man, Dog is now a model member of society, and can often be seen offering moral instruction to the various down and outs that he is charged with taking back into detention. His bluster when he has to bring in a particularly nasty piece of work is fun to watch.

If I’ve got nothing else to watch and need to vegetate in front of the goggle box I switch on Sky News. I don’t know why we have 24 hour news channels, because there is never 24 hours worth of news. If you watch Sky News, or BBC news for that matter, for longer than 50 minutes you see them start repeating the stories. It is fun getting involved in the programme though, and I often tweet in my opinion or reaction to news events, which makes for a nice conversational atmosphere.

That’s all for now.



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