Covent Garden, 24/11/12


I was in London on Saturday 24th November 2012 to hand out 250 business cards with a short philosophical message on them, in Covent Garden. London was cold and wet, and it rained all the time I was there. It did not yet feel Christmassy, although the market are was very crowded with what was presumably Christmas shoppers.

I got to London for 11:30 and walked from Euston to Covent Garden, which took 40 minutes. I stood outside the Kurt Geiger store, under cover from the rain, and handed out my cards. With a brief break to get lunch, I was there for four hours.

What struck me about this day was how positive and lovely everyone was to me, regardless of whether they took a card or not. People seemed to be enthusiastic and interested in my message. I think I spotted a couple of people from several broadsheets, who I talked to afterwards. My message, about the ownership of human experience, was probably better understood by the media than the wider general public. But nonetheless as a ‘meet and greet’ experience it was well worth it. The experience put me in a good mood on my walk back to Euston, where I chatted to people outside the station, and exchanged banter with a couple of journalists waiting for a train, who kept cracking jokes about suing me.


Majid Salim


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