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Hello. I have decided to write about myself on my blog today. I have a lot of factual, biographical information about myself on this blog, but not much about me as a person, who I am and the things that I think about life.

I have had an interesting but difficult life. It has sometimes felt that I have had to work twice as hard as other people to get to the same place. At my grammar school, one of the best schools in the country, I was taught to work hard to achieve academic excellence, something I continued doing at University and in my career. I suppose I have hard work drilled into me. I’m the kind of person who will sit down with individuals others dismiss as completely lost causes and try my hardest to get them doing something productive. I am comfortable talking to any level of organisations, whether it’s the still green newly appointed graduates on the bottom rung, or the board level senior management who have been running society for decades. My ideas work on both these levels and all the levels in between. I have a sort of moral and political authority.

I think it’s fun being in the media. I think other people view media types with a little envy, as if we have slightly sexier or more interesting lives. Typically of how hard things have to be for me, I juggle being in the media with a full time career in IT. My IT career also has its rewards – there is prestige in working in IT, and the money is very good. I am accustomed to a certain lifestyle that my career in IT purchases me, and I would not give that up easily. My employers consider me as something of a mercurial hothouse kid, and I have an enjoyable time in the office. There are a couple of people in the office who are quite clued up, and they are the ones I usually talk to during the day.

I take a lot of pride in my intellectual achievements. Writing on USENET, writing on my blog, getting an academic paper published, getting published in the Guardian, writing books; all these things are a great source of intellectual pride for me. One thing I know about life though is that you can’t just fall of the boat and be a great writer from day one. I have put a lot of hard work into everything that I have done. There is no underestimating the improving, redeeming, rewarding qualities of hard work. The first thing I say to teenagers who complain to me that they feel worthless because they haven’t done anything with their lives yet is that I tell them they haven’t worked hard enough for it.

I suppose the other main thing I want to talk about is the relationships I have had in my life. I am lucky in that I am a pretty worldly kind of guy, and I have been in lots of relationships. I think women are strange creatures, and I would find life very grey and dull if I did not know any – I suppose if I was in that position I would go and find some to hang out with. I can’t talk about everything I have done, as some of it would almost certainly get me gotcha’d in a red top. I have had some very notable relationships though, and very intense ones too. Women have been like floral garlands that have bedecked the narrative of my life. They have thought me into a person, and I have though them into people too. I suppose in some respects my life can be viewed as a long conversation with women. They know my vulnerabilities and strengths; they know my jokes and my irritabilities. I see a spark of the divine in women, which keeps me coming back to them. When I’m in a relationship I sometimes feel more complete than when I am on my own. I talk to women because I feel that in doing so I am working out something profound with them. I don’t think I’ll ever stop doing it.

Some people in the media have called me a genius. I think that is a very nice thing to call me, and probably accurate. I wouldn’t be any other way, and wouldn’t not swap my intelligence for anything else. I associate my intelligence with a certain quality of life that my intelligence gets me to. It’s nice to think that I might be famous someday, or famous after I am dead.

That’s all I can think of to say. I hope you found it interested reading.

Majid Salim


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