Messianic Marxism


There is an interesting tension in the media these days. It is as if the nerves of the media are touching the surface now, and spiking on radars. For the intelligent observer, it is an interesting, ethereal world, a floating world of undiscovered entertainment.

The relationship between the media and the public seems to have taken a fracturing blow over phone hacking, which has shaken the establishment to its core. The mass psychological forces that make up our society need mediating in a different way. Up until now society has been Marxist, with the media owning the means of production and the proletariat selling their labour to the owners of the means of production. Can we understand this new power structure in Marxist thinking? Was there ever a Messiah in Marxist theory? Perhaps we need neo-Marxist theory, or a theory for some social environment that has never been sociologically studied or written about. But whatever this environment is, the media are stitched into it like the lining of a suit, as are the public – and as, as of now, is the meme included in this blog post.

There seems to be some bloodless revolution of mind about to happen around the world, and this blow to the neoliberal conspiracy model has not been dealt by the #occupy movement, but by some private force that regulates and mediates between conscious minds (see my blog post the End of Economic Failure). Capitalism was a certain kind of damned corporeal theory whereby humanity could only be quantified in terms of what it could produce physically, rather than what it could produce mentally. There seems to be some new kind of spiritual understanding around the world that a new kind of rainbow littered spiritual mass form of existence is possible, quite different from the lives set out for us by late capitalist corporeal television sets and newspapers. I am particularly interested in a revival of spiritual thought in the Islamic World, precipitated by the Arab Spring. I can see a new spiritual thought awakening in the Middle East that rejects the damned corporeal pathology of Islamism in favour of an Islamic thought that welcomes sex and alcohol, just as the Islamic world widely did when it was at the height of its civilisation. I believe we may be about to see a new Renaissance in the Middle East, not seen there since it was eclipsed by Europe in the 13th century.

England is also a fascinating country now. The new spiritual realities that movements like #occupy have generated need to be traversed and mined to see what utility can be gained from them.

The only thing stopping this Marxist spirituality from encompassing us all is the quantum uncertainty existing in the spaces between people’s distinct worldviews. The Marxist superstructure of our society has overtaken the Marxist base, and this needs addressing.


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